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Foreigner-Cafekkos, We Can Do it!!

Come one, come all! (lol?)
don't be shy!
This is AnCafe!
they're worth it!

So write them a little message, draw them a picture, or even just send them a photo of yourself!
They'd be super happy to see how much their nyappy fans abraod really do support them!
And we'll do all work of putting it together in a scrapbook for the band.
They'll get the gift when they come to California for the Fanime Con in May, 2008.

So do it!
It's so easy!

Entries due May 1st, 2008!

Please read the rules of entry below. :) It's pretty basic stuff.
Tags: 2008, ancafe, antic cafe, bou, fanime, fanproject, kanon, miku, musicfest, takuya, teruki, yuuki
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