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Fan Project for AnCafe at Fanime, May 2008
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Welcome to this community for cafekko's wanting to give something to AnCafe at Fanime, 2008!!

This is a community for those interested in helping out with a fan project for the Japanese band AnCafe, who will be coming to the United States in May of 2008. They'll perform live and will also be doing an autograph and Q&A session at the anime convention, Fanime.

We, the loving fans of AnCafe, will make an 8 inch by 8 inch scrapbook of letters, artwork, photographs, etc., dedicated to AnCafe.

This community is an unofficial regrouping of ancafefanime_pr.

I still recommend that you create your own, unique gift for AnCafe and bring it with you to Fanime, but those not attending Fanime are welcome to participate in this, as well as those who prefer this idea.

This will be created by American fans. I advise against participating for those foreign to North America, because it will be costly to send the materials to me, and it seems strange since this is a concert being performed for an American audience. However, I will not say no to you if you really want to have some things included in the scrapbook.

My e-mail is carambola.fruit@hotmail.com. E-mail me with what you want to include, or any questions you might have. I'll provide you with an address to mail it to through this e-mail address. Please tell me your Livejournal username, and how you found out about this project, too, please.

For the rules, please see the first entry in this community's journal.
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Alright, enjoy!